How to help

Volunteer, become a mentor, train to become a jail or prison chaplain, support financially or maybe you have a better idea how best for you to serve. We would love for you to share it with us...

Award winner

This is where we  honor you our special volunteer, participant or supporter...


We would like to thank the Church of the Harvest International of Jonesboro, Georgia and the Stanley Law Firm for their generous support and The Atlanta Youth Project for making Summer Camp 2015 a success.


We also would like to mention Mike the first recipient of the first annual Community Chaplaincy Outreach Writing Context. Mike a participant from a local youth shelter received a $40 gift certificate.....











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Latest project

Fathers in schools. Community Chaplaincy Outreach has partnered with a local high school to organize fathers as volunteers for an hour every other week. We will partner with  jobs so that those volunteering will not loose any time.  We seek partnerships with all businesses in the Atlanta,Ga. metro area. We need you...